Agreeing To Disagree

Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it.

About A2D

This is a political blog, for the most part.  I rarely think about much else so I will rarely write about anything else.  I’m a Midwestern woman who has had more than her share of elite opportunities and good fortune.   I also believe in the wisdom of those who have succeeded by other paths than my own.  

Like most people, my opinions can’t be contained within the “Republican” or “Democrat” columns.  Labels don’t mean very much anyway.  I was livid with George W. Bush.  I am now livid with Barack H. Obama.  I tend to think the only trustworthy national political figure on the scene today is Sarah Palin, but I expect there are other hardy souls out there laboring under a lower profile. 

I will not stand for bigotry of any kind, not from the right or the left.  This site is for those who want to discuss issues in a calm and genuine manner.  The goal of all such discussions is simply to exchange information and test hypotheses.  There is no entrance exam here and no snobs are allowed.  No one will be deleted for disagreeing with me unless he or she makes him or herself disagreeable. 


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